​​​​​​Holy Spirit College joins a community of 146 Brisbane Catholic Education schools that offer a high-quality education steeped in a rich Catholic tradition.  The college provides individual care and attention to every student.  Holy Spirit College is in Fitzgibbon, on Brisbane's Northside.  Enrolments for 2022 is 96 students and will increase by one year's cohort annually.  The College is master planned for 900 students.

Education at Holy Spirit College is characterised​ by hope and moral purpose.  There is a need to include all, working together towards a just and sustainable future.  Valuing each person and helping them to nurture their spirituality and educate them with an appreciation of the spiritual, theological as well as the intellectual and physical aspects of their lives.  By encouraging students to strive for lifelong excellence according to their individual gifts we call on them to pursue justice in our community and society.  ​​​