College Logo

The flame is a symbolic representation of energy and passion – a passion that ignites spirit and inspires the mind.  Further, it represents the inner light, the Divine, within.

The flame incorporates shapes of embrace and outreach – the hand/s, the encircling, connected forms around the hand, indicating the interconnectedness of all, the reaching out to, and inclusion of, others.

The green leaf and blue water droplet represent the commitment to living Laudato Si' – seeking integral ecology and interconnection with all of creation.

The surrounding presence of blues (dark and aqua) symbolizes the global world within which Holy Spirit College is located and to which it responds.

The use of three colours within the flame represents the Trinity.

The shield or 'family crest' identifies a particular family or community – in this case, the college community at Fitzgibbon.  It is a community committed to igniting spirit and inspiring minds.