​The co-curricular programs offer activities for students to participate in and are offered to all students.  We know that every student has many and at the very least one special gift, talent or interest to uncover during their secondary schooling.  Many successful people attribute their love for their work or profession to first experiencing it at a school based co-curricular activity.

The benefits for students are numerous, including:

  • ​Providing a safe place for students to try out and discover new talents or interests
  • Building confidence through trying new activities and experiences
  • Experiencing breadth and depth in all subject areas
  • Allowing students to socialise​ with students from different year levels
  • Creating a balance between academic and sporting endeavours
  • Opportunities to make new friends through common interests
  • Building working relationships with students and teachers outside the classroom
  • Working with others in real world setting i.e. as part of a team or group working towards a common goal
  • Keeping students busy and engaged in their learning
  • Showcasing excellence within the College community
  • Offering all-inclusive opportunities where diversity of talents is accepted and celebrated​​​