Pastoral Care

​​​An essential part of the Holy Spirit experience is our Pastoral Care program.  We are a strong community which believes in developing positive relationships within a family atmosphere where people are welcomed, respected, and valued.  We believe learning is life-long and occurs both inside and outside of the classroom.

Students are encouraged and supported by their Learning & Teaching Leaders and a Pastoral Care teacher.  Students get a chance to build positive relationships with students in their year level.  The Learning & Teaching Leader is responsible for the organisation​ of each House.  They work alongside the Guidance Counsellor and the Senior Leadership Team who work together with parents to provide an infrastructure which aims to support every student in our College community.

From 2023 a vertical approach will be introduced for each House.  This will see a Pastoral Care group consisting of students across all year levels.  This promotes a strong sense of community, personal care, and leadership opportunities.

Students will be allocated to one of the four Houses.  They remain in the same House throughout their schooling and all children in the one family will belong to the same House.  In spiritual, sporting and cultural events, they represent their House to show their light to others.  

The House names are:  

517 House Logo Aqua.jpg
Blue droplet represents the commitment to living Laudato Si' 
Yellow flame represents part of the Trinity
Orange flame represents part of the Trinity
Green leaf represents the commitment to living Laudato Si'