​We aim to instill a can-do attitude in all our students and work with them all to engender high aspirations and a range of personal skills and qualities including self-confidence and leadership ability.  We ensure that we develop our students not just academically, but as well-rounded young adults ready to be future citizens who will positively contribute to their community and the wider society when they graduate.

It is also acknowledged that social, spiritual, emotional, cognitive, and physical development will occur in students at different rates as they progress towards young adulthood.  Therefore, it is essential to accommodate these differences, not by having different standards and expectations for individual students, rather by adjusting the amount of guidance, support and freedom students operate within for their stage of progress.

Guidance Counsellor

The College Guidance Counsellor is available to assist students in their personal and academic growth.​  They focus on enhancing the mental health and resilience of all students, including those considered at risk and those with special needs, and provide career advice to students. 


As part of our Student Wellbeing Program, we subscribe to SchoolTV. SchoolTV is a "wellbeing platform for school and parents addressing the modern-day realities of raising safe, happy and resilient young people using credible, sound information whilst offering realistic and practical strategies." (SchoolTV 2021)​

SchoolTV is a valuable online resource to support students and parents. This resource can be accessed via the link below.